List of Equipment

Characterization/Measurements equipment

  • Time-of-flight photoconductivity
  • Probe station
  • Scanning micro-Raman Spectroscopy
  • Scanning Near-Field Microscope SNOM (APE Research TriA SNOM)
  • AFM comprising Conductive probe and  Kelvin probe methods (Bruker CP-II, APE Research A100)
  • SEM, TEM (next door – courtesy of MRL group)
  • Solar cells characterization setup (Photo Emission Tech. SS50AAA, monochromator CVI-240)
  • Closed-cycle He-cooled cryostat with quartz window and GHz feed-through connection (10-300K).
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (Pine research Proteus Gamma, controlled humidity, temperature, atmosphere)

Processing/Preparation equipment

  • Cleanroom with laser lithography
  • Alignment system for 2D materials
  • Glovebox with inert atmosphere, nitrogen 5.0, O2 < 20 ppm, H20 < 10 ppm, 10 gloves. For processing and measurements.
  • OMBE system with in-situ I-V and photoconductivity characterization
  • Vacuum evaporation system (5Pascal 5PA-coater, crucible, 120A current heater, 3kW e-gun) in inert atmosphere
  • Wire bonder (TPT H10) with wedge & ball head
  • Spin-coater (Laurell WS-400 Lite) (one in clean room, one in inert atmosphere)
  • Doctor blade roll coater, width 10cm
  • Oven tube 1600°C with controlled atmosphere
  • Plasma cleaner