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This is the latest version of lectures programme.


  • Electronic properties of graphene.
  • Mechanical properties and continuum models of graphene mechanics.
  • Structural and electronic properties of graphene-organic hybrids: Modeling insights.
  • Solution processing of graphene and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Measurements of transient photocurrents: a tool to characterize charge carrier transport in graphene-based thin-film structures.
  • THz to deep ultraviolet spectroscopic ellipsometry and Optical Hall effect: novel approaches to study electronic properties of epitaxial graphene
  • Electronic structure of graphene on metals and silicon carbide investigated by photoemission.
  • Adsorbates on graphene.
  • Confinement of charge by pseudomagnetic fields in graphene.
  • Graphene growth and device integration
  • Graphene for future consumer electronics
  • Touching graphene: structural and electrical characterization of monoatomic materials by scanning probe microscopy


  • Vincenzo Palermo (CNR, Bologna – Italy)
  • Jose Gonzalez Carmona (ICMM-CSIC, Madrid – Spain)
  • Gvido Bratina (University of Nova Gorica – Slovenia)
  • Victor Gueskine (Université de Mons-Hainaut – Belgium)
  • Francesco Bonaccorso (University of Cambridge – UK)
  • Andreas Isacsson (Chalmers University of Technology – Sweden)
  • Karsten Horn (Max Planck Institut, Berlin – Germany)
  • Jose Angel Martin-Gago (ICM Madrid, CSIC – Spain)
  • Luigi Colombo (Texas Instruments Incorporated)
  • Vanya Darakchieva (Linköping University – Sweden)
  • Maurizio Prato (Carbon Nanotechnology Group – Italy)