Evaporation chamber

High vacuum chamber equipped with three material deposition methods: e-Beam deposition, thermal boat deposition and Knudsen cell deposition method. Thickness of deposited films can be controlled in the range between 1n and 1µm. Application examples: evaporation of thin layers of metals (Al, Ag, Au, Pt, In, Cr, Ti,…), oxides (Al oxide, Ti oxide, Si oxide,…) or organic molecules (Pentacene, PTCDA, C8-BTBT, PDIFCN2, DNTT,…). Chamber is mounted inside glovebox filled with N2 to prevent exposure to atmospheric gases before and after deposition.

More details are here (http://www-lfos.ung.si/list-of-equipment).

Contact: Jurij Urbančič (jurij.urbancic@ung.si)