Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) [A.P.E.Research A100-AFM] with conductive and kelvin mode probes

With this microscope, we can conduct nanoscale characterization of materials’ surface typology and properties.
This equipment combines high-resolution surface imaging with detailed electrical and work function measurements, offering versatile analysis for a wide range of materials.
The Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) mode enables non-contact potential mapping, providing insights into the electronic properties of materials. This technique is particularly useful for studying work function variations, charge distribution, and surface dipole layers.
Key features:
Monoatomic step resolution even with 100 x 100 μm scanner
High accuracy in repositioning over all scanning range with no border distortion
High Sensitivity for low force measurements
Best for soft materials
Modular structure capable to provide different scanning probe modes.
X-Y scan size: 0.4 nm (High voltage closed loop), 0.1 nm (High voltage open loop)
Z scan size: 0.1 nm (high voltage mode), 0.01 nm (low voltage mode)