Venue, Accomodation and Travel

Graphene Workshop will take place in Ajdovščina (Slovenia), in the building of the University of Nova Gorica (Google Maps).

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We offer to lecturers a single room accomodation in Hotel Gold Club, which is within 10 minutes walking distance from the workshop venue. Other participants will be situated in double rooms (you may indicate your room mate while registering on line, if relevant).  We are organizing a shuttle bus to fetch participants daily to/from the workshop venue or to/from accompaining activities.

Available accomodation includes:

  • a 3-star hotel Hotel Gold Club, with 8 double and 7 twin rooms.
  • 8 tourist farms with single, double and multiple room accomodation.
  • a Youth hostel with 4, 6 and 8 bed rooms.

Booking will be done by the organizer on a first-register basis. Please indicate Your preferences in the application. Organizer will cover breakfast, coffee breaks, buffet lunch, dinner and bed expenses for the members of the EUROGRAPHENE programme.

Travel to Ajdovščina

Ajdovščina is situated in the west part of Slovenia, approximately 30km away from Trieste. The closest airport is the Trieste airport(50km). On Sunday 7th April a shuttle will connect the airport with the venue of the workshop. On Thursday, transportation to the airport will be provided by the organizer. Please check the Rules of Reimbursement when purchasing travel tickets.

Other airports around are: Ljubljana airport(100km), Venice airport(150km) and Treviso airport(160km). Ajdovščina is reachable from these airports with bus/train and taxi. There is bus connection from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana and then to Ajdovščina. There is a bus connection from Trieste airport to Gorizia train station. There is train connection from Treviso and Venice airport to Gorizia train station. There is a city bus from Gorizia train station to Nova Gorica bus station, where a bus to Ajdovščina can be found. Please check the Rules of Reimbursement when purchasing travel tickets.

Reimbursement of Travel expenses

The members of the EUROGRAPHENE programme will receive partial reimbursement of travel expenses. The exact amount of the reimbursement will depend on the number of applicants. If the number of eligible applicants does not exceed 40, the organizer will reimburse up to 300€ per participant for travel expenses. Please check the Rules of Reimbursement for the detailed instructions regarding travel expenses.

Rules of reimbursement:

  • Rules of reimbursement are based on the document Guidelines for Network Activity, which is set by the European Science Foundation. The participants should arrive and depart as close as possible to the beginning and end of the workshop (i.e., usually, one half-day before and after the activity). In case a participant has been on non-workshop business either before or after the meeting, the Organiser should only cover expenses incurred by participation at the workshop, unless the stay extension or the travel itinerary is justified by a significant reduction in cost (e.g., from reduced air fares).
  • Air tickets should be tourist class (or at a lower rate if cheaper tickets, e.g. PEX/APEX, are available). To benefit from the most economical fare, early booking is essential. Where no price is indicated on the ticket, the invoice must also be provided by the participants to the Organizer.
  • Train tickets and train supplements may be first class.
  • Taxis should only be taken when convenient public transport is not available.
  • Cancellation insurance will only be reimbursed for economy ticket. Costs of health, life and luggage insurance are not reimbursed by Organizer.
  • Use of private car (including road tolls and fuel) will be reimbursed, unless otherwise agreed in advance, on the basis of 1st class train fare or, for longer distances, on the basis of the APEX airfare where this is more economical. An estimate of the fare from a certified travel agent should be produced with the claim for reimbursement. For short journeys by car where no public transport is available and therefore no estimate of fare can be provided, the number of kilometres covered should be indicated. When two or more participants travel together by car, travel costs are reimbursed to only one participant.

Timetables (for who is landing in Ljubljana airport)

public bus Ljubljana airport – Ajdovščina (7th April 2013)

FROM – VIA – TO Arrival Departure Details
Ljubljana Airport 07:00
Ljubljana bus station 07:48 11:00 itinerar
Ajdovščina 12:55
Duration: 5:55  Stop: 3:12  Total distance: 121
Ljubljana Airport 10:00
Ljubljana bus station 10:48 11:00 itinerar
Ajdovščina 12:55
Duration: 2:55  Stop: 0:12  Total distance: 121
Ljubljana Airport 12:00
Ljubljana bus station 12:48 13:30 itinerar
Ajdovščina 15:25
Duration: 3:25  Stop: 0:42  Total distance: 121
Ljubljana Airport 14:00
Ljubljana bus station 14:48 15:45 itinerar
Ajdovščina 17:40
Duration: 3:40  Stop: 0:57  Total distance: 121
Ljubljana Airport 16:00
Ljubljana bus station 16:48 17:45 itinerar
Ajdovščina 19:40
Duration: 3:40  Stop: 0:57  Total distance: 121
Ljubljana Airport 18:00
Ljubljana bus station 18:48 23:00 itinerar
Ajdovščina 08.04. 00:38
Duration: 6:38  Stop: 4:12  Total distance: 120
Ljubljana Airport 20:00
Ljubljana bus station 20:48 23:00 itinerar
Ajdovščina 08.04. 00:38
Duration: 4:38  Stop: 2:12  Total distance: 120

For more timetables You are invited to follow this webpage.